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Sunday, May 20th<br / >

| Staminatic | 11:40 AM CST

 DayZ Memoires

mood: Terrified

May 19th, 2012
We assembled in Chernogorsk and Headed North Inland... Malv had been currently foraging for a few hours out near Elektro and had managed to secure a large number of supplies from survivors and bandits alike, he was clearly packing the most of our firepower brandishing an Ak-47 with a few dozen rounds.

We walked for hours, scavenging what we could find along the way, but found ourselves in trouble early on when our attempts to loot and pillage a small ranch in Kopyto took a turn for the worst... While securing a path into the ranch, Comrade Graywolf discharged a round from his Lee Enfield, in a desperation effort to clear a small mass of zombies that had been alerted, heading or way. The 5 of Us (Korvyk, Graywolf, Malv, Shanks and Myself - Stam) found ourselves fending off at least 2 dozen Zeds, alerted from both our North and our East, and they were destined to have a snack. We suffered heavy blood loss, all of us sustaining at least a bleeding injury, and Malv having to use the last of his AK-47 ammo that he had claimed from a bandit for our salvation.

We were clearly in a very tough spot now... It was back to the basics...

Scrounging together all of our pistol and primary weapon magazines, we had enough ammo for maybe a dozen or so Zeds if we aimed high, and took them in the head. Mistakes were made, and now, we were low on ammo, bandages and painkillers, and in a far worse off spot then 5 minutes prior to making the decision to head to the Ranch. We weighed our options, now that we spent mostly all of our ammo, and cleared through a decent path, we should head into the ranch to look for goods - we had to, we were hanging on by a thread... We couldn't continue to Destination X without it...

We made our way through some barns and housing in search of more ammunition, where we came across another survivor. We clearly had the advantage, and were in desperate need of gear. We approached with caution and circled him. Graywolf and I shouted out for the survivor to drop his gear and walk away or face the consequences. As he took aim with his Winchester, we used whatever ammo we had left to claim his life.

My first DayZ cold blooded murder... And for what.. a Winchester, some ammo, some food and a few supplies...

Tuesday, December 28th<br / >

| Staminatic | 01:17 PM CST

 Hail to the King Baby!

Thursday, December 16th<br / >

| Korvyk | 01:32 PM CST

 Player Stats

I'm playing around with layouts for stats. Everything's going to look like trash for a little while until I figure out what I want to do.


All done for now.

*Stam* -Fixed the comment tag that was showing


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